What caused the rise of Big Data in the last 2 decades?

“Data” is the new-gen super power which has the capacity to raise a nation off from the ground by making wise decisions based on it and can make it crash to the ground if it couldn’t upgrade itself to avail for its benefits on time. That’s how data has leaped into supremity now-a-days.

What lead to huge data production?

Internet revolution played a pivotal role in this entire process. With more people getting access to Internet at a cheaper rate added more customer base to websites,digital services, social media applications etc who saw a huge scope to tap into this opportunity and upscale themselves to meet this surge of users adding in. This in turn led to huge data production which were mainly based on the way users interacted with the online applications which has a wide range of usage like scrolling on instagram, shopping on amazon, posting on LinkedIn, watching on youtube,searching on google and learning from trendy tech (this list never ends).

What’s so great about this?

Right from governments devising new schemes for this people to startups solving a customer problem, Data comes as the near of the hour for them to reach out to the right target at the right time and right place. Once they understand the needs better they can serve better. Now comes BIG DATA as a boom to all of them. Due to the Internet revolution every common man out there is able to know what’s happenning around the world with just a button click and also convey what he is very much interested in with the help of his activity. With more and more data being generated every second in and around the world, we need to have a solid technology at place which can cater to understand the needs of people and get clear insights out of it to move in the right direction without getting deviated. This technology is what we call to be BIG DATA which has the capability to read,clean,process, enhance and provide wise insights on about quintillion bytes of data generated with the help of a few analysis tools. That’s how the unused and unclean user data can magically be turned into, to understand the user behavior and act in accordance to that which can generate huge revenue, add new customers, expand the company and lead to overall growth of the organization and nations around.

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What’s in it for me?

Now you have asked the right question.Let’s take a simple example, there is a super market near your home which employees 5 people and has a daily inflow of customers. Due to the ever expanding urban infrastructure many new housing colonies have come up and the customers count got shot up. The employees were not sufficient to meet the needs of the customers due to which they recruited 10 more people. This is the same case with our job market today, as more companies wanted to leverage the benefits of big data which created more demand and they are in need of quality data engineers like you who can join them and help them to make better data driven decisions. This is where the future of job market is heading to and if you are reading this article you are at the right place.  

How we can help you?

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